Welcome to EFI Alchemy!

We specialize in LSX-based performance tuning and are home-based in Jacksonville, Florida. Getting the most out of Corvettes, Fbodies, GTO's and Trucks is our specialty. We love to swap LSX pcms into just about anything as it is such a formidable platform for engine management.

Got a first-generation LS1 pcm (97-98) that is not up to your project's current or future expectations? No problem, we can make it happen. We use EFI Live with a portable wide-band oxygen sensor in conjunction with the very powerful Moates Roadrunner to provide the customer a real road condition tune. We can take care of even the most radical setups, which can be a challenge to drivability, for conventional "dyno-only" wide-open throttle tuning.

For LS1-based vehicles, we offer custom operating systems that can handle N20 or forced induction. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and ask what we can do for you!